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Pet Lodge & Ranch

Sun Valley Animal Center pet boarding at our Main Clinic location includes the Pet Lodge, the new Pet Ranch, as well as Doggie Daycare.

This service is only accessible at our Main Clinic.

A Home Away From Home

The Pet Ranch at Sun Valley Animal Center is an exclusive “cage-free” dog boarding experience in Ketchum. An Animal Care Specialist is in residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Pet Ranch is a home where 1 -10 boarding guests can roam freely in the spacious living room and beautiful backyard.

Your dog will be offered cuddle time and daily brushings. A secondary backyard is big enough for fetching and swimming in the beachfront entry pond. Dog moms and dads can check in on their “kids” through designated webcam links at any time.

Pet Ranch Boarding Requirements

  • Your dog must be either a neutered male or a female with proof of current vaccinations.
  • If your dog has visited our boarding facility before, it must be comfortable in our social play groups.
  • If you live in town but are new to our boarding facility, we will require 1 half day of daycare before determining your dogs’ eligibility for cage-free boarding at Sun Valley Animal Center.
  • If you are a guest in our resort town and would like to leave your dogs at the Sun Valley Animal Center’s Cage-Free Boarding, we will require a letter of good recommendation from your regular daycare or cage-free boarding facility prior to your visit.
  • The management and staff of the Sun Valley Animal Center do reserve the right to remove any dog who poses a threat to himself or others from the cage-free environment. Any dog removed will be boarded in a safer environment more suited to that dog’s personality at the Pet Lodge.
  • Please do not bring personal belongings other than food. Sun Valley Animal Center will provide beds, toys, and bowls for your convenience.
  • Personal belongings may create a territorial environment and not allow the dogs to feel comfortable in our neutral home environment.
  • Dog Vaccination Requirements: DAP, Bordetella, Lepto & Rabies.

Services Offered

  • Baths: By your request, we will give your dog a luxurious bubble bath.
  • Hikes: We offer two-hour off-leash hikes on local trails. We require that your dog is off-leash trained and under voice command.
  • Walks: We offer a one-hour on-leash walk on the bike path along the river. Your dog must be trained to walk on a leash for this service.
  • Pet Pick-up & Drop-off: We offer pet taxi transportation to and from your home or hotel for pet boarding or daycare.  Please call us to set up this service.

Doggie Daycare Services

We offer doggie daycare for all ages and sizes. We place everyone in groups depending on their size, age, temperament, and ability to socialize. Everybody gets to play outside at least 4 times throughout a full day of doggie daycare.  We offer full and half-day dog boarding rates.

Note: We do not require a reservation for dog daycare. We do ask that you bring a current copy of your pet’s up-to-date vaccination records.

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New Patients Welcome

Sun Valley Animal Center is accepting new patients at our two convenient locations! Our vets are passionate about the health of our Valley's pets. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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