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Fracture Treatments For Pets

At our Ketchum veterinary hospital, we realize that fractures often require emergency care, and we will always make an effort to work you into our schedule.

This service is only accessible at our main clinic.

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Fractures in Ketchum Pets

Our pets love to goof around, and it's in their nature to play fight. Unfortunately, because of this, fractures or broken bones occur frequently in dogs and cats.

There are many different types of fractures, and these all have different treatments and prognoses. While having a fracture can be very traumatic for both pet and owner, the good news is that, with the right treatment, most fractures in dogs and cats will heal well.

Our vets at Sun Valley Animal Center have extensive experience treating fractures in dogs and cats. We know that they can be scared, and in a lot of pain so we will do our best to make them feel safe and comfortable while we treat them.

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How We Fix Fractures

All fractures are different so we have many systems and surgical techniques available for fracture repair.

  • Bone Plates

    Plates are like internal splints that hold the broken pieces of bone together. They are attached to the bone with screws. Plates may be left in place after healing is complete, or they may be removed.

  • Interlocking Nail

    Interlocking nail fixation is a method of fracture repair that utilizes a large intramedullary rod through which interlocking bolts are placed distally and proximally on a long bone. It is typically used in humeral, femoral, and tibial fracture repair. A fixation device is strongest when it follows the central axis of the long bone.

  • K-E Apparatus

    External fixation surgery is a method of rigidly stabilizing a limb using surgical pins that are inserted through the skin, into each bone or bone fragment, and out through the skin on the other side. The ends of the pins protruding from the skin surface are then attached to a rigid external frame to hold them in the correct orientation.

  • Locking plate systems (SOP and Synthes)
    When screws are locked into fixed-angles the broken bones stay closer together on both ends of the break, increasing the likelihood of proper healing. Locking plates eliminate motion between the plate, screws and bone.
  • Pins

    Pinning involves the manipulation, with X-ray guidance, of the fracture into an acceptable position, and the immediate insertion of metal pins through the skin, into one bone fragment and across the fracture line into the other bone fragment.

  • Ring Fixators

    Circular ring external fixators have grown in popularity in veterinary medicine over the last 10 years. This method assumes that accelerated bone formation can be induced by providing a constant traction force across a bone gap. This traction force is generated by making small adjustments to the device on a regular basis, thus moving the bone incrementally.

  • iLoc

    The I-Loc system allows vets to fix fractures with nails without the need for power tools. There is no need to contour a nail, as opposed to a bone plate. Insertion of the nail and placement of bolts only requires small, remote incisions.


If possible, hospitalization is kept to a minimum. We give accurate quotes on the phone or, in some cases, after an exam.

We keep owners updated with patient status frequently. We have aggressive pain management protocols, and we use them to help minimize your pet’s discomfort.

We also provide detailed instructions for at-home care once patients are discharged from our hospital. This ensures that pet owners have the tools they need to help their pet with their rehabilitation and allows them to get out of the hospital quicker.

New Patients Welcome

Sun Valley Animal Center is accepting new patients at our two convenient locations! Our vets are passionate about the health of our Valley's pets. Get in touch today to book your pet's first appointment.

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