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TATE ELBOW™ Replacement Surgery

Dr. Acker teamed up with the folks at BioMedtrix to develop a new, less invasive, and highly effective approach to repairing damage to canine elbow joints.

This service is only accessible at our main clinic.

What Is TATE Elbow™ Surgery?

The TATE Elbow is a groundbreaking procedure in which a prosthetic replaces the arthritic or damaged elbow joint. The prosthetic is designed to replicate the form and function of the elbow joint to eliminate pain and improve movement.

Keep reading to learn more about this invaluable procedure, and connect with your premier animal orthopedic surgery center in Ketchum.

Benefits of TATE Elbow Surgery for Canines

  • Less invasive procedure for implantation with minimal trauma to the patient.
  • The quick, yet effective, the procedure can be completed in two hours.
  • Quick recovery times of 8-12 weeks for full functionality.
  • Prosthetic mimics motions and functions of the elbow.
  • Eliminates pain and improves overall joint function.
  • Low rate of complications with high success rates.

Why Is TATE Elbow Surgery So Effective?

Over ten years in development, the impetus for the TATE Elbow was Dr. Acker’s own yellow Labrador retriever, Tate. Tate developed severe elbow dysplasia, and while Dr. Acker tried the common treatments of injections, arthroscopic animal surgery, acupuncture, and pain medication, the outcome was unsuccessful.

Ultimately, the TATE Elbow System became the eventual result. Today, the pet surgery can be completed in 2 hours with an 8-12 week restorative period for the patient’s full functional recovery.

Cutting-Edge Canine Elbow Surgery

Canine TATE Elbow Replacement system was developed by Sun Valley Animal Center's medical director and owner, Dr. Randy Acker, DVM. This surgical procedure combines ease of implantation with minimal trauma to the patient.

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