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Total Hip Replacement

The veterinarians at Sun Valley Animal Center perform a high volume of Total Hip Replacements on dogs in Ketchum to help them live comfortable and happy lives.

This service is only accessible at our main clinic.

What Are The Benefits Of Total Hip Replacement Surgery For Dogs?

Total hip replacement surgery is a treatment for large-breed patients with severe hip dysplasia. With this procedure, our specialists use cemented or non-cemented fixation. 

Generally, the cementless system is used at SVAC.  We use both BioMedtrix THR and KYON THR systems. The THR system used depends on patient size and bone quality.

Total Hip Replacement is available for both large and small breed dogs with systems developed by BioMedtrix and KYON.

Meet Our Veterinary Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Randy Acker

If your dog needs a Total Hip Replacement, you can be sure that Dr. Randy Acker has the knowledge and experience you can count on to deliver the best care for your companion.

Meet Dr. Randy Acker

Anesthesia for the THR procedure

Advanced pain management for THRs at Sun Valley Animal Center includes an epidural followed by local block while under general anesthesia. 

Vessels are sealed throughout the procedure and all of the sutures are under the skin, so there is no need for bandaging or suture removal.

Easy Aftercare

Following our THRs, we request 2 weeks of restricted activity followed by short leash walks for up to 2 months.  We will call to check in with you during the healing process.  

Recheck appointments and Physical Rehabilitation are recommended, but only required in rare cases.  At two months, off-leash activity is usually permitted.

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