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Where Can You Leave Your Cat While on Vacation?

Where Can You Leave Your Cat While on Vacation?

We all adore taking our cat on trips, but it's not always possible. In this blog post, our vets in Ketchum provide ideas for secure and appropriate places to leave your cat while you're on vacation.

Where Can I Leave My Cat While On Vacation?

Choosing where to leave your cat when you're not home can be tricky. Should you leave them at home or take them to a kennel? While some cats can handle being by themselves for a night, young kittens under four months old and certain cat breeds require companionship, much like dogs.

Leaving Your Cat Alone

As mentioned earlier, most cats are okay overnight without you. They won't miss you if they have access to adequate food, water, and toys. However, certain breeds like sphynx, Scottish folds, and rag dolls, as well as kittens under four months old, thrive with human companionship. It's not recommended to leave kittens under four months alone for more than four hours because they're social creatures and depend on you for their safety and happiness. 

At Home With a Cat Sitter

Consider getting a cat sitter when you need to leave your cat at home alone. The sitter will clean the litter box, ensure your furry friend has enough food and water, and give them some quality playtime and cuddles. This method can help reduce your cat's stress levels as they remain in their environment and can use their familiar litter box.

This option is also budget-friendly, especially if you have more than one cat. You can either ask a friend or family member your cat knows or hire a professional cat sitter to look after your furry friend. Having someone your cat is already comfortable with can help them feel more relaxed, while a professional sitter can ensure that every need is met. It is crucial to inform the sitter about your cat's habits, behaviors and needs since every cat is unique.

Give your sitter a guide on how to care for your cat, including when they eat, how much food they need, how active they are, and any medication they require.

Leaving Your Cat at a Friend's or Relative's Place

It may be worth considering leaving your cat with a trusted friend or family member if they are comfortable staying elsewhere. This option has the advantage of providing constant supervision and more attention for your furry companion. However, if the place already has a cat that your kitty doesn't get along with or if your feline friend doesn't like the person they are staying with, this can backfire and increase your pet's stress even more than if they were left alone.

To avoid this, try having a short trial stay before you leave your cat for an extended period. This way, you can make sure your cat gets along in the new place. You'll have time to find another option if it doesn't work out. Also, make sure the person caring for your cat can meet all its needs and is excited about the job. If not, it's better to look for an alternative to keep your furry friend safe and happy.

A Boarding Facility (Kennels)

When you go on vacation and need to find a place for your cat, remember that many places can take care of cats, not just dogs. It's a good idea to have professionals look after your cat while you're away. They will make sure your cat always has food, water, supervision, and some one-on-one time. Be sure to book your cat's stay early to make sure there's room for your furry friend.

Some cats may experience separation anxiety and stress when left alone with strangers in an unfamiliar environment, but you can take steps to ease their fears. Bringing along their favorite toys, blankets, beds, or even a piece of your clothing can help. A trial run can also familiarize your cat with the facility. 

It's really important to talk clearly with the boarding place to make sure they know what your cat needs. When choosing a place, make sure it's clean, well-managed, and quiet. Check if they have a separate area for cats and dogs, and make sure your cat's space is big enough to keep their litter box away from their food and bed. Other things like a window, climate control, and time with the staff might also matter to you.

View the facility from your cat's perspective to ensure their comfort and safety while you're away. At Sun Valley Animal Center, our boarding facility is cat-friendly and staffed by a professional, qualified veterinary team. We ensure that all of your cat's needs are met, and offer trial stays to determine if we're the right fit for your pet. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have!

The Benefits of Leaving Your Cat at Kennel

Here are the benefits of leaving your cat at a high-quality, professional boarding facility while you are on vacation:

  • Your cat will be supervised their entire stay
  • Their feeding schedule will be the same as it is at home
  • Your kitty's kennel will be cleaned daily
  • The staff will notice if your cat is not eating or if they are sick
  • Good kennels offer calming and relaxing environments for cats
  • The staff can make sure your cat's medications are administered properly and on time
  • You can call them to see how your kitty is doing

It is your decision where you leave your cat while you are on vacation. Take the time to weigh your options and make sure you are choosing the best possible option for you and your feline companion.

Contact our vets at Sun Valley Animal Center today if you are looking for first-rate boarding services for your cat in Ketchum.

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