Puppy & Kitten Programs

Sun Valley Animal Center offers two, three, and four month vaccination programs for your new kitten or puppy. A one-time purchase results in savings for the necessary vaccinations and wellness exams. To enroll in the puppy or kitten program, please call Sun Valley Animal Center at 208-726-7777.

Microchip ID

Without proper identification, 90% of lost pets never return home.  Sun Valley Animal Center joined the national network of veterinarians, animal shelters, and volunteer pet rescue organizations who participate in the HomeAgain pet microchip identification and recovery system. Our team can discuss how to protect your pet with HomeAgain.

Senior Health Program

Older dogs and cats need special attention. Caring for older pets requires home and veterinary health care, nutrition monitoring, and awareness of age-related behavior problems. Preventive veterinary care can add years to your pet’s life. Ask your Sun Valley Animal Center veterinarian about a senior health care plan if your dog or cat is over six years old.

Health Certificates

Many of Sun Valley Animal Center’s clients travel extensively.  Please call 208-726-7777 to make an appointment for a physical exam and a health certificate for your traveling pet.

Pet Licensing

Blaine County Pet Licenses may be purchased at Sun Valley Animal Center.