Pet Lodge Boarding, Doggie Day Care, & Pet Ranch at Sun Valley Animal Center

We cannot accept pets that are not vaccinated. If there has been an overlap in vaccinations due, we recommend making a vaccination appointment with one of our doctors at least two weeks before your visit. This will minimize stress in your pet during check-in day. If this is not possible, we can vaccinate upon your arrival.

  • Dog Vaccination Requirements: DAP, Bordetella, Lepto & Rabies.
  • Cat Vaccination Requirements: FeLV, FVRCP & Rabies

Pet Lodge Boarding:

  • Accommodations

    • Small Dog Condo 
    • Indoor Dog Run 
    • Indoor & Outdoor Dog Run 
    • Dog Suite 
    • Cat Condo 
    • Cat Suite 
  • Check In & Check Out Time
    • Check Out:  12:00 PM
    • Check In:  1:00 PM
    • A Half Day at Doggie Day Care may be available for pets with early check in and late check out times.  Please call
  • Beds:  We have beds and blankets for everyone. If your dog or cat has a special attachment to something, please bring it and make sure it is labeled appropriately.  We cannot guarantee that the item will be returned in the same shape.
  • Food:  We serve everything that we sell at Sun Valley Animal Center so no need to bring food.  If your pet eats something that we do not carry, you are welcome to bring this food. Please make sure it is labeled with your pet’s name and feeding instructions.  Please do not bring dishes. We hope to minimize change in your pet’s routine as much as possible to avoid stress.  Please let us know when you usually feed your pet.
  • Medication: If your pet is on medication, please remember to bring it with you.  Please include detailed instructions about how much and when to administer this medication. Please make sure all containers are properly labeled.
  • Pet Lodge Boarding Discounts
    • 10% discount on stays of 14 days and over
    • 15% discount when 2 or more pets stay together
    • Combine the 2 discounts when multiple pets stay together 14 nights or longer

Doggie Day Care

  • Whole Day
  • Half Day

Dog Baths

  • We offer a variety of different dog baths.

Pet Taxi

  • Pet pick up and drop off services are available are available for any location between North Fork and Woodside.
  • Please call 208-726-7777 to schedule our with our Pet Taxi.
    • One-Way
    • Round Trip

Delivery Service for Pet Food & Pet Medications

  • We offer delivery service for pet food and pet medications for any location between North Fork and Woodside
  • Call before 3 pm Monday through Friday to receive same day delivery
  • To place an order, please call 208-726-7777


  • 2 hour off leash
  • 1 hour off leash

Pet Lodge & Doggie Day Care Hours:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Sunday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 


The Pet Ranch at Sun Valley Animal Center is an exclusive “cage free” dog boarding experience. An Animal Care Specialist is in residence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Pet Ranch is a home where 1 -10 boarding guests are allowed to roam freely in the spacious living room and beautiful back yard. Meals are individually served in the separated kitchen area. Your dog will be offered cuddle time and daily brushings. There is a secondary back yard big enough for fetch and swimming in the beach front entry pond. Dog moms and dads can check in on their “kids” through designated web cam links any time. A report card is emailed daily to the families of our guests.

Pet Ranch Boarding Requirements:

  • Your dog must be either a neutered male or a female not in heat with proof of current vaccinations.
  • If your dog has visited our boarding facility before, they must be comfortable in our social play groups.
  • If you live in town, but are new to our boarding facility, we will require 1 half day of daycare before determining your dogs’ eligibility for cage-free boarding at Sun Valley Animal Center.
  • If you are a guest in our resort town and would like to leave your dogs at the Sun Valley Animal Center’s Cage-Free Boarding, we will require a letter of good recommendation from your regular daycare or cage-free boarding facility prior to your visit.
  • The management and staff of the Sun Valley Animal Center do reserve the right to remove any dog who poses a threat to himself or others from the cage-free environment. Any dog removed will be boarded in a safer environment more suited to that dog’s personality at the Pet Lodge.
  • Please do not bring personal belongings other than food. Sun Valley Animal Center will provide beds, toys and bowls for your convenience. Personal belongings may create a territorial environment and not allow for the dogs to feel comfortable in our neutral home environment.
  • Boarding check-ins must be by 5 pm, unless prior arrangements have been made. Check-out times must be scheduled at the boarding desk prior to departure.

To contact the Sun Valley Animal Center Pet Lodge or Pet Ranch, please call 208-622-PETS (7387) or email