Intensive Care Unit

The Sun Valley Animal Center Intensive Care Unit includes an environment for patients to receive the very best opportunity for recovery following surgery and other procedures. The glass-enclosed Oxygen unit is situated in the Treatment Room, so patients are closely and continually monitored at all times.


The process of collecting and transfusing blood is very similar in veterinary and human medicine. Blood is species specific.  Dogs can receive only dog blood, and cats can receive only cat blood. Transfusion medicine is practiced at our veterinary hospital, and canine blood donors are present at all times for veterinary emergency and critical care.

Pharmacy & Laboratory

Our veterinary care center stocks a full-service veterinary pharmacy so your pet’s prescriptions may be filled before the conclusion of your visit.  We also offer a medication, food, and pet delivery service.  Our state of the art laboratory will have basic test results ready for you in a timely manner.