Your dog probably loves winter. I mean what dog wouldn’t? When the snow starts flying it can be an entirely new world to your furry friend. Sometimes they are having too much fun to stop and realize that they are cold or ready to go inside. This means that it is extremely important for you, the pet owner, to ensure that your dog is safe while having a lot of fun. Here are five tips on making sure that your best friend does not become a dogsicle.

Make Sure That They Are Warm

You may think that dogs would be fine in the winter weather because of their coat. While that is true for some dogs, like husky’s; it isn’t true for all. Making sure your dog is in during the colder times of the year will make your dog healthier and happier. Dogs, of course, won’t tell you that they are cold and they might not even show signs that they are cold like shivering. A good rule of thumb when it comes to knowing if they are cold or not is by using yourself as a temperature gauge. If it feels too cold for you with a winter jacket on, then it is probably way too cold for your dogs. 

Smaller dogs retain far less heat than bigger dogs do. If you are taking them for a walk or just outside to go to the bathroom, make sure that they have a sweater on. That will help them retain heat and keep them from becoming far too cold.

Limit The Time That They Spend Outside

Your dog may love to run and play as much as they can, but when the weather is much colder, try and keep them inside as much as possible. A dog can get frostbite just like humans. The tips of their ears, paws, and tails are extremely susceptible to cold weather. Of course, they need to go outside to get exercise. When they do, just limit the amount of time so they stay warm and healthy.

If you take your dog for a walk on the side of the road, make sure to clean their paws when you get back. The salt that is laid down on the road to melt the ice can cause your dog’s paws to be damaged. 

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

With winter comes a lot of dryness. When it fees really dry to you, your dog is probably feeling it as well. You need to pay attention to when your dog’s water bowl runs out. Your dog may be trying to eat the freshly fallen snow, but it is not a good substitute for freshwater. If your dog bowl is outside, make sure the replace the water often because water that is far too cold is not good for your animal.

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