Cats are using you. Plain and simple. They are one of the internet’s biggest vices because they are some of the cutest little animals that you will ever see. Why are they so cute though? You know it just by looking at them, but the truth is, it is because they are using us for their own gain. They know what makes us go “awe” and how to manipulate us into giving them food and treats. There are many physical reasons as to why they are cute, but they also use cunning tricks to make themselves look cuter to get our attention. In this blog from your local Sun Valley Animal Center, we will be discussing how a cat uses its cuteness to manipulate you. 


Humans are naturally attracted to things that are slightly bigger than the features that we actually possess. This is why Cats have such big eyes that they can widen while begging for food, pets, or whatever else they are seeking. This was not always the case though, as humans began domesticating cats, they slowly became smaller and smaller and their eyes got bigger and bigger so that they could manipulate the human counterparts into loving them that much more.

Look No Further Than Our Own Babies

Researchers have found that the more something looks like a human baby (big eyes, head that are disproportionate to body, and small hands) the more that we think that they are cute. Seeing this releases a neurological response in our mind that we need to take care of that baby by any means necessary. This is the same thing that kittens and cats have adopted to make us notice them and want to take care of them.

Cats Lead Their Own Lives

Unlike dogs, cats will typically ignore you until you gain their affection and trust. This gives us a sense of wanting what we can’t have which makes us automatically want to attempt to earn their trust. We try out hardest to earn that attention in whatever way possible by showering them with treats, pets, and toys. Once they get what they want, they will give you a little leeway. 


Cat’s have the ability to change the tone of their meows to manipulate you into getting what they want. If they are trying to be cute and get a treat, then it will be a softer tone, if they are mad, it will be slightly shriller. They do this so that they can survive and continue flourishing by using you for their needs. 

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