Don’t forget about your dog’s safety this Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving only a day away, many of us are prepping turkeys and running to the grocery store for a last minute can of cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday for family and friends, but not many people recognize the dangers that the holiday exposes to our dogs. Luckily our veterinary hospital is here to help! The following is a list of Thanksgiving safety tips for your dog:

#1. Don’t give in to begging. 

Some dogs will do just about anything to taste just a bite of your Thanksgiving feast, but you should avoid giving in to their begging because there are many things on the table that could hurt your dog. Many people are already aware that chocolate is toxic for dogs, and while turkey skin or gravy may not seriously harm your dog, these things are full of fat and are usually hard for dogs to digest, which could lead to diarrhea and vomiting.

#2. Never give cooked bones to your dog. 

When a bone gets cooked, it can become brittle and easy to break apart. Small, sharp pieces could end up getting stuck in your dog’s intestines, and in many cases, your pet will need surgery to have them removed. You should also note that bones from birds are especially troublesome for dogs because they are hollow and can break easily.

#3. Keep decorations out of your dog’s reach. 

Thanksgiving is a time when many people pull out the poinsettias, mistletoe and holly berries, but you should know that these can be toxic for dogs. Candles and glass ornaments can also spell trouble for your dog, so keep them far away.

#4. Make sure that your pet can’t get into the garbage. 

The garbage can be a tempting thing for a hungry pup on Thanksgiving, and it is likely to be filled with food scraps and other things that could be harmful for your dog. That is exactly why you should keep it far away from your dog’s reach.