Dogs can be in a lot of pain, but they will still act as if nothing is wrong. It can be hard to see if something is really wrong with your dog. Dehydration is one of those problems that aren’t immediately apparent unless you know specifically what to look for in your dog. Most dog owners are very conscious of giving water to their dogs on a regular basis, but some dogs may expel water faster than others. These are the five largest signs that your furry friend may be dehydrated. 

Remember if you see any of these signs or if you notice any other issues with your dog to contact your local veterinary hospital in Sun Valley. 

What Can Dehydration Do To Your Dog

First and foremost, obviously, dogs should always have water. Make sure to fill their bowl as soon as you see that there is none left. If your dog is dehydrated for a small amount of time, then it shouldn’t be too big of an issue. If they are dehydrated for a long amount of time then it will cause issues. Hydration is important because it balancing the body’s pH, moving nutrients into cells, facilitating muscle function, regulating nerve function. If your dog is dehydrated for too long it can lead to organ and kidney failure.

Loss of Skin Elasticity

Loss of skin elasticity may be the easiest thing to test for. Wherever the dog has loose skin, pinch in while pulling up (not too hard of course because you don’t want to hurt your dog). Then let go of the skin, if the skin immediately falls back into place, then your dog is hydrated. If your dog is dehydrated then the skin will take a little bit of time before it falls back into place. 

Reduced Energy Levels

This can be a sign of many different things, but just like in humans, your dog’s energy level may be reduced. It is important to take note of how excitable they are on a regular basis before you think that they lost energy. Some dogs as they get older may just show fewer energy levels than they did as a puppy so remember to think about before you begin to panic.

Dry and Sticky Gums

Feel around your dog’s gums. They will typically be very moist. The gums should be a pink color, if you press on them they should turn white. Once you press on the gums, if they don’t return to pink within a couple of seconds, then it is a sure sign that your dog is dehydrated. 

Dry Nose

A dog’s nose should be moist on a regular basis. If your dog’s nose is really dry then it is a sign that they are dehydrated. 


A dog will typically start panting quite a bit after they are done expelling energy from a walk or run. Immediately give them water so that they don’t get even more dehydrated.

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If you notice any of these signs in your dog, give them water immediately. If the issues are for a longer amount of time than a day, immediately take them to your local veterinarian hospital in Sun Valley. If you have any questions contact us here!