There are many mistakes unknowingly made by dog owners that put their dogs at risk for injuries.

As a dog owner, your goal is to keep your dog safe and healthy, but there are many small mistakes that could do the opposite. Unfortunately, many of the mistakes that could put your dog at risk for injury aren’t always obvious mistakes. In our last blog, our veterinary hospital went over a couple of them. Keep reading to learn about more innocent mistakes that could leave your dog with an injury:

Mistake #3. Not training your dog.

Just because your dog knows how to sit, it doesn’t mean that they are trained. Training your dog properly is essential for their well-being and safety. Dogs who aren’t trained are much more likely to end up in situations that could harm them, such as eating things they shouldn’t out of the trash or running away.

Mistake #4. Not grooming your dog.

Dogs don’t need baths every day, but many of them do require regular grooming. Clipping your dog’s nails, brushing their teeth and keeping their coat brushed out are all essential tasks for your dog’s health. If you do not feel comfortable doing these things at home, take him or her to a groomer!

Mistake #5. Not exercising your dog.

Exercising is so important for your pup! Regular exercise will keep your dog at a healthy weight. Plus, building muscles around the joints takes pressure off of them, which will help to prevent future joint problems.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help to lower your dog’s risk for needing surgery. Contact our veterinary hospital today to learn more.