Does your cat need to go to a veterinary hospital?

As a cat owner, you probably know that cats can be incredibly stoic, and they don’t always  make it obvious that they are sick and in need of the vet. That’s why, in our last blog, we went over several warning signs that your furry friend may be sick. Keep reading to learn about more warning signs:

#4. Vocalization Changes

Whether your cat is very vocal and suddenly becomes quiet, or he or she is quiet and suddenly starts meowing a lot more, any changes in vocalization could be a sign of trouble. Hyperthyroidism, anxiety, high blood pressure and feline cognitive dysfunction can all lead to changes in vocalization.

#5. Sleeping Changes

Because cats tend to sleep the day away, it’s not always easy to notice changes in their sleep behaviors. However, if you notice that your cat is more active at night than usual, or if they are sleeping at unusual times of the day, it may be time to visit the vet.

#6. Waste Changes

Not only does cleaning out your cat’s litterbox keep your house clean and smelling great, it also gives you a chance to keep tabs on your cat’s health. Any change in the color, frequency, volume or odor of your cat’s waste needs to be addressed by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

The basic rule of thumb is, any time you see changes in your cat, you should always consult our veterinary hospital. We proudly serve Boise, Salt Lake City, Spokane and Billings. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.