When it comes to pet surgery, there are many myths that you need to stop believing. 

Most pet owners will have to to send their pet to the animal hospital for pet surgery at some point or another, and that’s why, here at Sun Valley Animal Center, we’ve set out to give you the truth about pet surgery. In our last blog, we debunked a couple of the most common myths about pet surgery. Keep reading to learn the truth about more common pet surgery myths:

#3. Every tumor needs to be removed. 

When your pet gets a tumor, it can be scary, and it’s common for people to want to get those tumors removed. Some tumors are cancerous and need to be removed as soon as possible, but not every tumor is cancerous and not every tumor has to be removed. The only way to know if a tumor needs to be removed or not is to have a veterinarian identify it. Once the tumor has been identified, you can have a discussion with the veterinarian about whether it needs to be removed or not.

#4. If your pet is old, there’s no point in surgery. 

Age has very little do with whether or not your pet gets surgery because age isn’t a disease! While it’s true that some pet owners choose not to get surgery for their pet when they have gotten old, it doesn’t mean that your pet can’t get surgery if he or she is old.

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