With the holidays finally here, you’re probably already exhausted and wanting a break. But it’s not over yet, the festivities have only just begun. Be careful to make sure everything is in order as far as dinner, but be extra sure that your fuzzy pal isn’t about to get sick from some strange holiday related occurrence.


Your guests will hopefully not be slipping a little vino to your puppy or kitty under the table. But no one is going to blink about giving table scraps that include alcohol content like a rum cake or booze filled chocolates, or anything else you can think of. This can be dangerous in the form of unbaked dough as well. Your pet’s body will digest the bread and turn it into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Your fur baby will bloat from the carbon dioxide and become alcohol poisoned from the ethanol. So keep these things out of their realm and be diligent about unbaked products falling within their reach.


You’ll find these in quite a few holiday recipes. These morsels make for a great natural sweetener in your own food but can prove extremely problematic for the fuzzy buddy walking all around the house and entertaining your holiday guests. These are actually poisonous to dogs and cats which is something those great guests you’re having over may not know. So inform your friends and family about this hazard before you have to make a call to an emergency pet hospital.


Grandma is, of course, delighted to be invited over to your home for the holidays, but she might bring a case of pills with her. Your uncle might have a prescription for his blood pressure, and your friend might need a high strength ibuprofen to help them get through the holiday stresses. If this is the case, gently remind them to keep these pills stored securely away from  those curious pets that might wander and get access to some of these harmful substances. Keep suitcases up off the ground and pills out of Ziploc baggies. Try shutting the guest room door and making sure it stays shut to ensure the safety of your pet.


Cat’s absolutely love playing with the Christmas tree decorations. Whether it’s the little hooks for the ornaments or knocking the tree over itself, it can lead to all sorts of funny issues. However, when decorating the tree, choose to avoid darning the tinsel on the branches. Kitties and puppies enjoy eating things they shouldn’t which includes tinsel. This holiday ornament is particularly dangerous once it enters their digestive system. It’s sharp and prone to balling up in the stomach. It can even wrap itself around the intestines and cause major issues with your pet’s health.

If one of these disasters does occur, call your emergency vet immediately. Here at Sun Valley Animal Center, we’re proud to offer the very best animal surgeons that can assist with that pesky tinsel and hazardous alcohol to save your pet’s life. If you’re in need of a traditional pet vet for the best gift you received this season: a new addition to your family, then be sure to contact us to schedule regular pet care to keep your furry friend in tip-top shape.