While some emergencies are unavoidable, a little caution could go a long way in lowering your dog’s risk for emergency surgery. 

No one wants their dog to have to go through emergency surgery, and while there are many emergencies that you cannot avoid, there are many that can be prevented as well. At Sun Valley Animal Center, we provide pet surgery in Boise, Salt Lake City, Spokane and Billings, and we want to help you avoid emergency surgery at all costs. Here are a few things you can do to lower your dog’s risk for needing emergency surgery:

#1. Make your home dog-proof.

Just as you need to baby-proof your home to protect your children, you also need to dog-proof your home to protect your pup. Dogs are curious creatures, and they tend to ingest things that they shouldn’t. Make sure that all of the small, ingestible objects around your home are out of your dog’s reach.

#2. Never walk your dog without a leash. 

If your dog is well-trained, you may believe that you can get away with walking your dog off-leash, but this is a mistake. You never know what could happen, and always using a leash is the best way to avoid unexpected accidents that can lead to surgery or even death.

#3. Avoid high-risk situations. 

There are many situations that put your dog at a higher risk for getting hurt. For instance, if your dog is prone to fighting, don’t take him or her to the dog park.

Learn more tips for lowering your dog’s risk for emergency surgery when you stay tuned for our next blog.