It can be devastating to learn your furry friend, your canine, your partner in crime, needs surgery to continue living a pain-free and healthy life. Whether your dog is in their younger years or older than you wish, making sure your dog receives top-of-the-line pet surgery is something in which you should never think twice. Your dog deserves the best pet surgeons around, and at Sun Valley Animal Center near Boise, you’ll be giving your dog their finest chance in a healthy and speedy recovery. If your dog is lucky enough not to have any surgeries scheduled with our veterinarians, it may be beneficial for you to learn what the most common orthopedic dog surgeries are; in a way, you’ll be preparing yourself in case a mishap transpire.

Common Dog Surgeries

  1. ACL repair. If you have a large dog or a dog that is athletic, an ACL repair may be a surgery you might know all too well. Just like in humans, the ACL is in a dogs’ knees and the surgery repairs the ACL that was torn. Whether your dog tore their ACL while chasing a ball or by simply walking up the stairs, they need a fully functioning ACL to walk without pain. Unfortunately, this surgery is the most common in the dog world, and our experience pet surgeon is one you can trust to get the job done right the first time.
  2. Dislocations and fractures. It’s highly recommended you take your dog to a pet surgery center that is experienced and has all the right tools for the job. Unfortunately, not all veterinarians have the qualified equipment your dog may need to complete a successful surgery. Dogs likely get into more trouble than can handle, and if your dog has ended up with a dislocation or fracture, you may need to reach out to a veterinarian who has the expertise required to address the traumatic event your dog has experienced. Although dislocations and fractures are common scenarios, the type of scenario your dog has experienced may be out-of-the-box. To learn if your dog would benefit from having their surgery at our pet surgery center in Boise, give us a call!
  3. Stomach surgery. Dogs commonly swallow things they should: Car keys, chicken wings, pocket change and toys. When these items are eaten, swallowed and make their way into the digestive tract of your pet, their vital organs are at stake. When this happens, surgery is almost always needed. A veterinarian who is specifically trained in the general surgery of dogs should be the only professional to operate on vital organs. Surgery on a dog’s belly is a non-routine surgery, and it requires opening your dog’s abdomen. And, if the surgery is exploratory, there’s no other veterinarian to trust other than Sun Valley Animal Center.

Is It Time To Schedule an Appointment?

Pet surgery for your dog shouldn’t be something in which you briefly consider. Your pet’s life may depend on the veterinary professionals you choose. Join Sun Valley Animal Center near Boise, Idaho for all of your pet’s surgery needs. Learn more about the procedures performed at our veterinary care center online now, and reach out to us.