Does your cat need to go to a veterinary hospital? As a cat owner, you probably know that cats can be incredibly stoic, and they don’t always  make it obvious that they are sick and in need of the vet. That’s why, in our last blog, we went over several warning signs that your furry friend may be sick. Keep reading to learn about more warning signs: #4. Vocalization Changes Whether you…Read More

It’s not always easy to tell whether or not your cat needs to visit the veterinarian. Although cats are known for being needy, they are actually stoic creatures, and they are incredibly adept at hiding signs of pain or sickness. This makes it difficult to know when your cat is sick or hurt. At Sun Valley Animal Center, we are best known for providing pet surgery for the residents of Salt Lak…Read More

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Dogs swallow things they shouldn’t all the time! Dogs love to chew on things of all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, sometimes they take it one step further and actually swallows things that they shouldn’t. If your dog has swallowed a foreign object, you need to know that it can cause a whole host of problems, including obstructions or perforations of their intestines. But if you …Read More

You should never overlook your cat’s dental health.  At Sun Valley Animal Center, we are dedicated to keeping your cat as healthy as possible. Our animal hospital serves Boise, Salt Lake City, Spokane and Billings. We have what it takes to handle all of your cat’s needs, and we even provide dental cleanings. If you’ve had a chance to read our latest blog, then you already know t…Read More

Periodontal disease is all too common in our pets.  Most people don’t think about their cats’ teeth very often. From a grooming standpoint, cats typically do a pretty good job of taking care of themselves, but According to, 85 percent of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they reach the age of three. While periodontal disease may not seem like a big deal, it&#…Read More

Every owner wants to make sure that their dog has a smooth recovery.  Recovering from a surgery can be difficult for us all, and dogs are no exception. Surgery puts a lot of stress on the body, which is why recovery can take a lot of time and a lot of patience. Our veterinary hospital understands that, as a pet owner, you want the very best for your dog. That’s why we went over a few tips f…Read More

Pet surgery can be a scary thing for dogs and owners alike.  After all, if you are like most dog owners, you consider your dog to be a very important part of your family. In most cases, the recovery process after surgery will be simple, but for the first few weeks after your pet’s surgery, they may require a bit of extra care. The following is a list of tips from Sun Valley Animal Center of…Read More

There are many holiday foods that you should never give your dog or cat.  The feasts are one of the best parts about the holidays, and with so much delicious food on your table, it can be tempting to give your pet some scraps to chew on. However, it is important to know which foods could be dangerous for your pet. Check out our veterinary hospital’s latest blog to learn about the first few …Read More

With all of the delicious holiday food on your table, it can be tempting to share with your pet.  When your plate is piled high with turkey, stuffing and all of the other holiday treats, it’s difficult not to share with your pet, but you should be careful about which table scraps you give them. In most cases, your best bet is to avoid giving your pet anything from your table, especially bec…Read More